Doing business under Canada’s environmental policies, regulatory compliance regimes and emerging Aboriginal law is ever-changing. The success of your transaction, development project or environmental litigation is reliant on a thorough grasp and responsive pace to keep up with legislative and regulatory changes — from land and resource development, to environmental protection, and, particularly, First Nations projects. Transactions or projects and their associated activities frequently require appropriate consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal groups and with non-Aboriginal stakeholders.

Businesses need trusted legal advisors who can guide them through all phases of the transaction or project development process, while identifying and minimizing risk along the way, and offer strategic advice on environmental compliance and sustainable development.

Our Environmental, Regulatory and Aboriginal Group is a cross-industry national team of lawyers who understand the nuances of environmental law because, in many cases, we helped to write it. As one of the first firms to practice environmental law in Canada, our Group uses its significant expertise to develop comprehensive strategies for our clients at all stages of a transaction, project development or litigation, including:

  • assisting with project approvals and permits
  • conducting environmental, and occupational health and safety audits, reviews and assessments
  • advising on ever-increasing regulatory requirements and legislative duties
  • First Nations land and economic development matters, consultations and negotiations
  • Transactional and operational environmental due diligence
  • Environmental indemnities
  • alternative dispute resolutions and settlements
  • workplace safety and insurance investigations
  • class action claims on public health and safety issues
  • prosecuting or defending environmental litigants
  • act as counsel for public inquiries initiated by federal, provincial, municipal and Aboriginal governments and officials

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